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Creating a promotion code

To create a Promo code:1. Navigate to the Sales > Promotion tab and click 'Add New Promotion' button (if it's your first Promo code, create category beforehand).2. Enter promo code details: A - En...

Redeeming a promotion code

Customers redeeming promo code online1. Customers booking online can click 'Got Promo Code?' button and enter the code.2. Customers can also redeem their promotion code via summary page at the time of...

Sharing your promotion via social media

You can share your promotion via social media with a special link. Navigate to the Sales > Promotions tab and in the promo code details copy Promotion link.To share your promotion link via Twitter ...

Tracking promotion codes activity

To search and track promo codes, navigate to the Sales > Promotions tab and select 'Activity/Search' option.

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