Counseling Appointment Scheduling System

Are late clients continually cramping your schedule? If you listen for a living, you know how important it is to have your patients show up on time. Yet for many counseling professionals, a full time secretary isn't an option. But wait! Don't lie on your couch in despair. Instead, try appointment scheduling software.

Scheduling software acts as your virtual receptionist (without requiring a full time salary), allowing clients to choose their session time and set an automated reminder. Need pre-payment or just credit card on file? Not a problem, Booksteam appointment scheduling software will do that too. Problem solved (finally a life issue that's easy to deal with). Can you say "AHHHHH!"

24/7 Online Booking

Easily integrate a BookNow button into your website. Clients will be able to book online 24/7. Learn more.

Client database manager

Collect your customer contact information, manage their profiles and keep track of their appointment history. Learn more.

Online Payments

Improve your business performance and minimize no shows with online credit card payments feature. Learn more.


Email and SMS reminders/confirmations will keep your clients up-to-date and connected even when they are on-the-go. Learn more.


Attract clientele with promotional discount codes, they work well with both, returning and first-time customers. Learn more.


Bundle up multiple services together that can be purchased by customers in advance, sell customizable gift certificates. Learn more.

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