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How do I add an existing class to my calendar?

There are two ways to add an existing class to your calendar:

1. Navigate to the Calendar tab. Click 'New' button in the upper-left corner and select 'Class'.

2. Navigate to the Calendar tab. Once you see your business calendar, locate the desired date and click on the time of the day you'd like your class to start. Three options will become available (Add Appointment, Add Class, Block Time), then select 'Add Class'.

2.1 In the New Class window, under the 'Info' tab, select your business location, staff member providing the service, existing class, date, time. Duration and Cost will auto fill with the details you entered in the Settings. You can change duration time and cost to your liking. Next, in the ‘Clients’ tab, add clients by entering their name, phone, email details and click ‘Add’. If you want to add an existing client to a class, just start typing their first or last name and Booksteam will automatically fill remaining details for that client. If it's a new client, their information will automatically be added to your client database. If you want this class to repeat, you can do so under the ‘Repeat’ tab. For more info on recurring classes, please refer to “How do I set up recurring events?” question/answer.

Click 'Save' and you're done. An automatic appointment confirmation email will then be send to the client. Make sure, your client has a valid email on file.

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