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5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 11)
by Kate Joannides
on 5/11/2020
Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Massage
Claire is absolutely fantastic. She empowered me through my pregnancy and helped me prepare my body and mind for labour. I didn't know how much I needed this class until I attended. Really warm and cosy environment helps you to feel calm and connect with your baby amidst the chaos of everyday life.
by Beatrix Cox
on 2/10/2020
Pregnancy yoga
My amazing labour

Not many people share their good experiences about child birth. It is damn painful to say the least, yet it can be the most magical and memorable day of our lives.

The Labour with my first child was the least to say alright, despite being very similar to my second one. We weren't ready for the things waiting for us.

Second time round I met with this amazing human being, who helped get through the trauma, shame and blame that first Labour caused and helped me and my husband get a clear picture of our thoughts on the past and ideas for the future.
Had the most relaxing, nurturing yoga sessions. Been to the safest place known by me and many in this town. Had fun, danced, broke down in tears, opened up about worries, stretched well, engaged loads of muscles, got deep down in thoughts and learnt to be in charge.

There's not much to say about my second child's birth. I quietly went into labour and never told anyone until I felt it necessary to go into hospital. The day and night before that: had a long walk, walked the stairs, bounced on my birthing ball, did yoga exercises, spent time in the toilet, was breathing through contractions and relaxed.
Went to hospital at 9 am. Stumbled occasionally, the pain took over, but my amazing husband was there to comfort me and cheer me on, even though I am very hard to touch while in pain, he learnt how to manage me during the "call the birthing partner" session.
The part I am most proud of, is when during the last bit when I actually had to push baby out, I tried to listen to the amazing midwife+student midwife, who reminded me in the right time of kind of breathing and pushing I should be doing, in the same time after their advice, I shut out everything and checked in with my body (between two urges) to feel for sure:do I have to push? I didn't think "breathing baby out" is an actual thing. Of course there is pushing involved, but with the right time baby slowly came into this world, without tearing me at all.
Exactly 3 and a half hours after arriving into hospital our baby was born, and his crying lasted as long as it took to hold him to my body and talk to him. The most magical thing I will ever remember is how his little eyes opened, and everything stopped existing, while I talked and he listened.

I cannot recommend Ripple Effect Yoga, and the lovely Claire highly enough. She created the Safe place for anyone who goes her way. Gives great experience during classes, the best advice, and helps you out whenever you need it.
Safe to say without her yoga, I wouldn't have been able to work through pregnancy with all my hip and other pains. Wouldn't have been able to stop during labour to check in, or let my husband/anyone touch me.
Cannot thank you enough for all your help. And hope you will keep on helping other ladies+families on their bump to baby journey.
by Kathryn Mumford
on 1/3/2020
I found Claire by chance through a VBAC support group online. Her personal experience in this area and her wealth of knowledge about birth made me sure she was the right person to support my husband and I through the birth of our second child.
As soon as Claire arrived at hospital I knew I could relax in the knowledge she would do everything she could to guide me into the birth I wanted. You wouldn’t even have known she was there half the time but her discreet, calm but confident approach was exactly what my husband and I needed. Her positivity leading up to birth really kept me on track too.
by Emilia Brindisi
on 12/19/2019
baby massage
Claire was amazing and learnt some invaluable techniques to help my baby's digestive system. The techniques also helped relax my baby and allow bonding time. 100% recommend.
by Micaela O'Flaherty
on 9/9/2019
My first session
A comfortable and relaxing experience. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to getting more in to the courses, learning more and meeting more of the other ladies in the class.
by Anita Maycraft
on 9/4/2019
Ripple Effect Yoga
I enjoyed the sessions but decided that yoga was not for me. The lead was engaging and encouraging as well as flexible in her approach to reflect my needs. Please do use this review online.
by Leanne Smith
on 7/29/2019
Pregnancy Massage
by Claire Fleming
on 7/25/2019
Ripple effect yoga
Very helpful, personalised session. Extremely relaxing
by Julie Perata
on 11/20/2018
Pregnancy Yoga and One-on-One Bespoke Session
I attended Ripple Effect pregnancy yoga classes from the start of my second trimester to the end of my pregnancy. Small class sizes and yoga poses were catered for our stages of pregnancy. After going over-due, I recently booked a one-on-one bespoke session with Claire to review her 'Come on baby' exercises. My husband attended the session with me. We reviewed acupressure points and tools for progressing labour and easing pain. My husband and I both gained the confidence to repeat these exercises at home. Claire's support far exceeds expectations. Highly recommend Ripple Effect Yoga!
by Amal Wright-Levy
on 3/16/2018
Great pregnancy ypga
Really enjoyed the yoga session, great teacher and very informative.. Mixes yoga and meditation . would definitely recommended.
by Kerrie Goldring
on 2/8/2018
Baby Massage
The classes are very beneficial for both baby and mum I find the atmosphere relaxing and very comfortable. Claire has a lot of knowledge and is a great support. My son has been sleeping much better since starting the massage. Highly recommended!