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Getting started with BookSteam

Quick setup guide to get you up and running with BookSteam.

1) Setup Locations. Navigate to Settings > Locations tab and click ‘Add new Location’ (view more here).

2) Setup Staff members. Navigate to Settings > Staff tab and click ‘Add new Staff Member’ (view more here).

3) Setup Services, Classes or Courses (view differences here).

For Services:
Navigate to Settings > Services tab and click ‘Add new Service’ (view more here).

For Classes:
Navigate to Settings > Classes tab and click ‘Add new Class’ (view more here). Once class was created, add it to your schedule in the Calendar tab (view more here).

For Courses:
Navigate to Settings > Courses tab and click ‘Add new Course’ (view more here).

4) Setup Staff working hours. Navigate to Settings > Staff tab, edit staff member and in the 'Working hours' tab select current staff working hours (view more here). Future staff working hours can also be setup under the 'Future working hours for location' option (view more here).

5) Your booking mini webpage. Your BookSteam booking mini webpage can be found in the Marketing > Mini Webpage tab (view more here). You can also customize the look and feel of your booking mini webpage in the Marketing > Look and Feel tab (view more here).

6) Day shift modification. To modify a shift for specific day, navigate to the Calendar tab, select desired date and next to it click the down arrow (view more here).