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Create A New Membership/Subscriptions

1. Navigate to Sales > Memberships tab.

2. Click Add New Category button and create new category.

3. Click Add New Membership button.

4. Add membership photo (if you have one), select membership category and input membership name.

5. Input price frequency, initial setup fee (this amount will be added to the first payment) and set your tax rate (if you have one).

6. In the Billing Ends section set after how many payments current membership will expire. 

7. In the Sessions section, click the drop-down menu and choose a service, a class or a course from the list, enter number of visits allowed and click Add Service button. If you add for example 10 sessions of "Any Service or Class", clients will be able to redeem 1 service and 9 classes, or 9 services and 1 class.

8. In the Billing cycle section select:

Reset sessions - sessions will reset to the original amount (as set in section #7) on the next billing date.
Rollover unused sessions - any unused sessions will be added to the preset amount on the next billing date.
No changes to sessions - no changes will be made to the sessions on the next billing date.

9. Set the number of available memberships that can be purchased.

10. In the Online cancellation section select if you allow your customers to cancel their memberships online.

11. Enter membership terms (if there are any) and click Save.