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Setting up Two-Way sync with Google calendar

BookSteam offers a two-way synchronization with Google calendar. To get started follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the Settings > Staff Members tab and edit Staff.

2. In the Staff profile select Sync tab, check box 'Enable Calendar Sync', select Two-Way and click 'Save'.

3. Google will require BookSteam permission to manage your calendars, click Allow.

4. You will be redirected back to BookSteam to select options.

a) Select Google Calendar you would like to Sync (we strongly recommend creating a new calendar for easier management, you can do so by simply selecting 'BookSteam')


b) Select default location for events synched from your Google calendar

c) You can include BookSteam Blocked time to be synced to your Google calendar

d) Click 'Save'

Your Two-Way Sync is now complete (allow up to 10 minutes for events to update). BookSteam events will show up in your Google calendar and Google events will sync with BookSteam.

Note: Due to data limitation, only future events will be synced between BookSteam and Google calendars.

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