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Create a New Package

1. Navigate to Sales > Packages

2. Click "Add New Category" button and create new category.

3. Click "Add New Package" button.

4. Add package photo (if you have one), select package category, input name/price/SKU number/description and set
Tax rate (if you have one).

5. In the Service(s) section, click the drop down menu and choose a service or a class from the list (you can also group services and classes together in the same package) and click "Add Service" button. If you add "Any Service" or "Any Class", clients will be able to redeem and book any service and/or class that you offer. If you add, for example, 10 sessions of "Any Service or Class", clients will be able to redeem 1 service and 9 classes, or 9 services and 1 class.

6. Set Validity term where clients must book their visits within a selected time frame from the date of purchase. With an "Unlimited" selection clients can book any time (there is no expiry date).

7. Set redemption window where customers will be able to book purchased package visits only on specific dates (leave blank if clients can book on any date). For example, package can be purchased on July 1st but the prepaid visits can only be redeemed between September 1st - 31st. It is perfect for those who would like to boost sales in slow months. 

8. You can enable "Automatically restore package visit credit if client cancels booking in advance" feature. For example, if you set it to 24 hours, a client canceling appointment 10 hours prior to scheduled time will not receive their package credit back. If a client cancels appointment 25 hours prior to the scheduled time prepaid credit will be restored.  

9. Set the number of available packages that can be purchased (fixed number or unlimited).

10. Enter your package terms (if there are any) and click "Save".

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