Anna Pittinger
Anna brings a uniquely diversified background in both culinary management and creative dance, making her ideal for her position overseeing our wellness center programs. Anna also leads a variety of classes at Parker Place, which include cooking as well as multiple forms of dance and creative movement. Anna's hospitality career has included restaurant and hotel management, as well as owning her own Annapolis-based catering service. This experience enables her to serve Parker Place's families in many ways, from teaching classes to collaborating on a multitude of resources for meal planning, cooking, and getting even young children excited about experimenting with new, healthy foods.
Carol Parker
Carol is a retired Baltimore County school teacher with a master’s degree in reading. Also an art enthusiast, Carol enjoys drawing and painting and has combined this with her first love of teaching by volunteering in her grandchildren's schools. She has taught an art curriculum as "The Picture Lady" in her granddaughter's classes school over the years. Carol’s creativity does not end in the classroom or on a canvas. Gardening, especially vegetable gardening, has been a hobby that has given Carol much pleasure - something she now shares in her classes at Parker Place, helping children to discover the joy and satisfaction in planting seeds that grow into delicious and healthy food.
Elizabeth Parker, MD
Dr. Parker is a pediatric endocrinologist who treats many children with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and other disorders that benefit from healthy lifestyle interventions. In 2018, she established Parker Place, A Children’s Health and Wellness Center, to help all families succeed in implementing healthy habits and building a foundation of lifelong wellness. In addition to providing medical supervision for Parker Place's wellness programs and collaborating on class content and resources, Dr. Parker also leads a variety of nutrition-based classes. She also makes herself available to families for healthy lifestyle questions, and is always working with Annapolis-area schools and organizations to develop new programs to meet their wellness needs.
Jillian Amodio
Jillian is an Annapolis-area author, yoga instructor, and mother of two. She enjoys bringing the joys of yoga to people of all ages, but is especially dedicated to the work she does with children. Jillian's yoga classes at Parker Place are thoughtfully adapted to the age range of her students, and she has created programs especially for younger children, older children, and a special "Mommy and Me" class. Believing that the best way to invite people to experience the benefits of yoga is to "meet them where they are," Jillian has taught in studios, libraries, schools, nursing homes, and a variety of other locations. Her published children's book, "Yogaventure" (available on and available to borrow in our lending library!) and her active YouTube channel have enabled her to spread her passion for yoga worldwide!
Margareta Chughtai
Margareta's roots are in the Culture Shock® organization, which brings the power and beauty of hip hop to diverse audiences via professional entertainment, dance education, and community enrichment programs. In 2001 Margareta moved from San Diego, California, where she was a core dancer with the original Culture Shock® dance organization, to the East Coast. In 2002 Margareta and co-founder Brian Resurrection established Culture Shock® Washington, DC (CSDC), running as a non-profit under the umbrella of Culture Shock® San Diego. Margareta served as its first Artistic Director. In 2009, in her current role as Executive Director, Margareta worked with her staff and the Board of Directors to establish Culture Shock® DC as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Maria Winters, LCPC
Maria is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with experience working with kids, adolescents and adults. She has been in the mental health field, providing individual, family and group counseling, for over 15 years. Her classes at Parker Place focus on various elements of mental health and well-being, including stress management, positive communication, and children's emotional development. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, Maria works part-time conducting psychological assessments in an emergency/hospital setting. She also teaches psychology at a community college and operates monthly support groups for women in the Annapolis area.
Melissa Tillett
Though she has a background in education and law, Melissa became interested in nutrition after becoming a parent, and now brings this passion - along with her cooking expertise - to her classes at Parker Place. As a mom of three, Melissa can relate to having a busy family life and picky eaters! Melissa’s approach to cooking is practical and hands-on with minimal fuss - and, of course, healthy! By combining her cooking skills with principles of good nutrition, she transformed her own health and that of her family members, and continues to share her knowledge with our families and the community. Melissa holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She has taught cooking classes for children and adults in local schools as well as Anne Arundel Community College.