Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 9)
by Karla Gomes
on 2/21/2019
It has helped me get rid of stress and sleep better. The level of deep relaxation you get during each session is amazing. I truly recommend it
by Dawn Johnson
on 11/13/2018
EG Visit
Regular EG visits has been a part of my health maintenance program post cancer. I truly believe it has helped with inflammation and immune system building. Thank you Wendy and Lucid Path Wellness & Healing Arts!
by Brandie
on 10/21/2018
EG session
Relaxing, meditative, amazing. Very highly recommended and will return again!
by Suzanne Mancinelli
on 10/18/2018
Energy Genesis
I am not yet sure what to think of this experience and I can say that it was deeply relaxing. I am curious to see what positive long term effects might be possible. If felt very much like what it might be like to lay comfortably within the sound box of a very large and beautiful violin.
by Karla Gomes
on 8/20/2018
The session helps you relax at very deep levels. I really recommend it
by Tawnya Kristen
on 7/23/2018
Highly Recommend!
The three visits I experienced were each amazing in their own unique way, with each sharing the common thread of relaxation I have rarely experienced. The combined tools of music, vibrations and light married with the protective space triggered specific responses including physical changes and emotional responses. I particularly enjoyed the second session where my body/mind was able to quickly transition to a deep & weighted relaxed state followed by an acute awareness of how the tones and vibrations were stimulating a flow of energy that re-energized my whole being. In short, it was amazing!
by Anne Sigsbey
on 7/4/2018
Wholistic therapy
My daughter has been working with Wendy for over 9 months. Wendy brings both her therapist and wholistic shamanic training bringing a unique approach to helping my teenage daughter navigate the rocky seas of adolescence.
by Barbara Korecki
on 1/24/2018
Shared experience
My experiences with Licid Wellness have all been exceptional! Wendy greets me with conversation that is pertinent to my visit/s and includes, specific to me, follow up questions about prior visit/s. I feel comfortable and have confidence in Wendy's knowledge and care.
The outcomes of the EG sessions are still unfolding. I have a renewed sense of good health that is getting better.
by Jennifer Murray
on 1/3/2018
Lucid Path Wellness
I find both counseling and the Energy Genesis experience to be very helpful. I highly recommend Wendy Halley.