Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 34)
by Laurie Hanson
on 8/11/2020
Wendy’s intuition and compassion make her an outstanding clinician. I always come away from a session with her with a whole new perspective and enthusiasm for the unknown wisdom within. I highly recommend Wendy for anyone looking to dig deep in a nontraditional way.
by Claire Wheeler
on 8/4/2020
Energy Genesis Bliss
I always leave a session in the energy genesis feeling more whole, grounded, relaxed, and connected!
by Kristina Martzke
on 7/19/2020
holy camoli
Wendy is incredible. Words cannot come close to capturing the wise, profound, and healing nature of her work. After a shamanic session, you will never be the same again (whether “you” realize it or not ;))
by Stephanie DiLena
on 7/17/2020
Three days healing Heaven...
I'm on monthly EG maintence that I don't always follow through on, but I'm always glad when I do. Once per year, I gift myself an EG series. My needs in the healing department vary, sometimes more emotional, sometimes more physical. This summer (2020), I definitely needed more physical healing energy. A fall from my horse and heel bone break left me grateful for my EG series! My experience was intense, painful as my body responded, but relief followed. I love how Wendy selects session details specific to my needs; I even bought a gift certificate for my daughter. If you haven't, TRY IT!
by Dede Tracy
on 7/6/2020
Both physically and energetically I felt during the healing and continue to feel and process shifting a few days later. Dreams have been vivid and unyielding and often bringing forth very old (past life?) images or connections. Definitely an opening and greater ease within the body.
by Julia Paxman
on 5/22/2020
Lucid path
Comforting place. I enjoyed speaking with Wendy and learning about the energy genesis. I felts comfortable before and very comfortable and relaxed after?
by Pat hinkley
on 5/20/2020
The session so long ago was very relaxing. haven't noticed any big changes as a result of my sessions though. Hope you are doing well in this weird time
by Anneke Edson
on 5/7/2020
podcast with Sharon Prentis
Wow, Wendy. Sharon is great! And I love how you and she talk "with" each other. It was fun to learn more about your own journey, too. All in All, a conversation and am going back to listen to again and share! <3 <3 <3
by M T D
on 4/7/2020
Energy Genesis
After my first session, my stress level questionnaire revealed that I had less stress, but I was disappointed because I didn't feel different. I did notice that I felt less stressed while driving home. But I didn’t hydrate well enough and later felt lousy. Though that was a mistake, it taught me how effective the Energy Genesis was when I rehydrated myself and felt better. I’ve made return visits and plan on going again.
by Keith Paxman
on 3/7/2020
Energy Genesis
Truly amazing! It’s an Indescribable experience.
by Lauren Geiger
on 2/7/2020
Lucid Path
If you need a traditional therapist, or a person who can bring in some other types of therapy that are less “modern medicine, “ Wendy Halley is great. I have been seeing her off and on for 7 years, and she has helped me tremendously. Worth every penny. I have referred friends who also say she has helped them tremendously.
by Barbara Korecki
on 1/29/2020
Meeting My Soul
On my path to meet my soul I found Lucid Path Wellness & Healing Arts where I found and continue to find many of the tools that I need to stay on this journey. Wendy is a remarkable and kind facilitator who reaches far beyond the beyond and shares her knowledge. I am much better prepared and healthier as I travel on my road to greater understanding. At this writing I am able to sing songs with my soul and dance. Thank You !
by Jody Emerson
on 1/23/2020
First meeting
Thank you
by Joanne Hardy
on 1/17/2020
Dear Wendy,
Thank you for bringing the Genesis to this area! I know the deep relaxation I experience is making a positive difference in my physical (and emotional) health.
Warm Regards,
by Ashley Holmes
on 12/19/2019
Energy Genesis
Wow. The experience I had during the energy genesis healing session was above and beyond. This was my first experience in this realm of healing and I would recommend this to anyone who feels they have a blockage to growth! Wendy is simply amazing - she is real and down to earth allowing those in the session a sense of safety.
by Karen Jumisko
on 12/17/2019
Working with Wendy has given me an invaluable perspective to help me on my journey of transformation.
by Catherine Senior
on 12/1/2019
The best treatment we have ever received
My husband and I came from CT just to do the Energy Genesis, which was amazing.
Wendy explain everything in great detail. And went over and above our expectations.
First, I asked Wendy if she could open up her office over the Thankgiving week end and she did, then I heard that in CT we were having bad weather and she offered to do our session earlier so we could get home befor the bad storm, which, thanks to Wendy we did.
My husband and I are on our way of getting healthy, thanks to Wendy and her Energy Genesis Machine.
by Pat hinkley
on 11/19/2019
first session
The first session was relaxing and I look forward to more sessions and seeing what results
by Christina Andrle
on 11/5/2019
Energy Genesis
My partner and I recently tried the couples Energy Genesis session and it was stunningly revitalizing! Even my partner, who is hard to impress, casually mentioned in conversation some days later that we should do it again. We felt like the heaviness that was building up in our bodies from everyday stress was lifted. We left feeling lighter, physically and emotionally, and had a refreshed view on our current life situations.
If you've been think about it, just do it!! You won't regret it.. and Wendy was lovely! Super informative, kind, and easy to speak with. True healers heart.
Many thanks!
by Jenn Francis
on 10/25/2019
Energy Genesis
Very pleasant experience.
I went into this day one feeling very agitated, stressed, tight all over and just overall harried. My first session wasn't as relaxing for me as I had hoped. However, I realized day two that my body was working in it's own way to get rid of my stress and release those toxins! I ended the three day session feeling completely relaxed, neutral and content. What a difference! I will most definitely make this a part of my regular self care routine!
by Debbie Griswold
on 10/18/2019
Shamanic healing
Very good experience I would go back
by Mariami Bibilouri
on 10/7/2019
So Relaxed
Wendy is a legend. Already looking forward to my next session! Miracles DO happen :)
by Carla Manning
on 7/1/2019
Lucid Path
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try and experience something new. It was such a relaxing and rewarding treatment. Something everyone should do for themselves every once in awhile. Total relaxation does not enter our worlds very often anymore and this is a way to completely shut down and live and breathe in the moment.
by Bill Trumpbour
on 5/2/2019
My girlfriend took me to Lucid Path last year, and I just recently had my second visit (both were 3-day Energy Genesis sessions). I was skeptical at first, but am amazed at the healing power of this process. On my first sessions I had improvements in digestion, vision and concentration. On the second, I had major improvements in my ongoing joint pain. Kudos to Wendy; she is wonderful. I highly recommend Lucid Path!
by Valerie Dietz
on 4/30/2019
“Energy Genesis” Experience
I have never been so relaxed. I found it impossible to keep my eyes open. I kept having mini dreams with vivid pictures and colors. I must have had six dreams and I remember the thoughts and visions would vanish quickly. Some visions I could remember and others would be a flash of a vision and then quickly gone. I worked through some phobias, anxiety. Prior to the session my anxiety and phobias on a scale from 1 to 5 was a 5. After the session it was a “0”.
by Karla Gomes
on 2/21/2019
It has helped me get rid of stress and sleep better. The level of deep relaxation you get during each session is amazing. I truly recommend it
by Dawn Johnson
on 11/13/2018
EG Visit
Regular EG visits has been a part of my health maintenance program post cancer. I truly believe it has helped with inflammation and immune system building. Thank you Wendy and Lucid Path Wellness & Healing Arts!
by Brandie
on 10/21/2018
EG session
Relaxing, meditative, amazing. Very highly recommended and will return again!
by Suzanne Mancinelli
on 10/18/2018
Energy Genesis
I am not yet sure what to think of this experience and I can say that it was deeply relaxing. I am curious to see what positive long term effects might be possible. If felt very much like what it might be like to lay comfortably within the sound box of a very large and beautiful violin.
by Karla Gomes
on 8/20/2018
The session helps you relax at very deep levels. I really recommend it
by Tawnya Kristen
on 7/23/2018
Highly Recommend!
The three visits I experienced were each amazing in their own unique way, with each sharing the common thread of relaxation I have rarely experienced. The combined tools of music, vibrations and light married with the protective space triggered specific responses including physical changes and emotional responses. I particularly enjoyed the second session where my body/mind was able to quickly transition to a deep & weighted relaxed state followed by an acute awareness of how the tones and vibrations were stimulating a flow of energy that re-energized my whole being. In short, it was amazing!
by Anne Sigsbey
on 7/4/2018
Wholistic therapy
My daughter has been working with Wendy for over 9 months. Wendy brings both her therapist and wholistic shamanic training bringing a unique approach to helping my teenage daughter navigate the rocky seas of adolescence.
by Barbara Korecki
on 1/24/2018
Shared experience
My experiences with Licid Wellness have all been exceptional! Wendy greets me with conversation that is pertinent to my visit/s and includes, specific to me, follow up questions about prior visit/s. I feel comfortable and have confidence in Wendy's knowledge and care.
The outcomes of the EG sessions are still unfolding. I have a renewed sense of good health that is getting better.
by Jennifer Murray
on 1/3/2018
Lucid Path Wellness
I find both counseling and the Energy Genesis experience to be very helpful. I highly recommend Wendy Halley.
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