Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 12)
by Rebecca Schubert
on 6/27/2020
One of the best in the biz
If you’re looking for top quality skill and service to get you back on your feet feeling pain free, you will find that here. Every time I visit Eric I leave feeling two inches taller and with a renewed sense of energy. He is my go to guy.
by Justa Malone
on 6/4/2020
Rolling Work
I had a Rolfing session with Eric Silvers a few days ago because my body was a mess. I have a lot of chronic pain issues I deal with daily, things are misaligned, and I'm constantly in PT. Although I honestly thought I was going to a massage appointment, his work with this technique, though uncomfortable at times due to adhesions, definitely yields results. He really took the time to listen to my concerns and took care to personally demonstrate actions and explain theory behind his work. He was very in tune with my unique situation. It's deep tissue, but effective work!
by Liz
on 11/28/2019
Highly recommend Eric and Vermont Integrative Bodywork!
My husband and I booked with Eric and we cannot recommend his services more. He takes the time to assess you in a very holistic way and gives you techniques you can practice outside of the office to address your ailments. We have already recommended him to family after our first visit.
by Bill Apao
on 6/15/2019
therapeutic massage
Very good massage
by Beth Stern
on 5/4/2019
Highly recommend Eric
Eric is great. He has really helped me with chronic headaches. I recommend him highly.
by Alicia McConnell
on 8/8/2018
Eric's treatment
Wow, what an excellent, skilled, healing body worker. Thank you for the treatments and as an athlete really appreciate your intuition and knowledge to get to the root of an issue. Thanks again and I will definitely be back next time I am in Vermont!
by Kathryn Bramman
on 4/21/2018
Assessment/body work
Not sure of rating as first time in this venue, I have nothing to compare to, but I was very pleased with professionalism, made to feel very comfortable, and the body work on neck, back and shoulders was very thorough and left my my back feeling very limber, loose, and like all the parts and pieces were synchronized and working together even into the next day.
by Rebecca Schubert
on 4/9/2018
structural integration
Very thorough and responsive to my feedback and needs. I've tried numerous massage professionals and am often dissatisfied...not this time...will be back and highly recommend.
by dick Walton
on 4/7/2018
feet and how my body lines up
I'm sure that Eric gave me a fine massage, but what I value him for more than anything else is his recommendation concerning my feet and how I should walk. It seemed I would have to use a cane forever until I followed Eric's recommendations. I had been to 3 foot doctors and 4 physical therapists and had just about given up. Eric was better than any of them. It seemed a simple enough recommendation, but it has made all the difference in the world to me. ----- Thanks Eric. Hope to see you next month.
by Meredith Bell
on 3/21/2018
I'd been experiencing extreme foot pain for a couple of months and I was hoping Eric could help with that. I was transformed after my first session. What had been debilitating pain wasn't even noticeable anymore. Eric's professionalism and knowledge about the Hellerwork process is excellent and I'm looking forward to my future sessions. I already notice a huge positive difference and I've only had two sessions so far!
by Lauri Scharf
on 11/3/2017
Professional and effective
Eric's practice is relatively new, but he has an excellent grasp of physiology, and he is a confident and effective therapist.
by John Peterson
on 10/23/2017
Recent Session
I've never been one for massage therapy sessions, but I'd have to say that my first visit with Eric for the Hellerwork/structural integration for my hips and rotators last week was simply amazing! I've been dealing with hip/buttock pain for quite some time. After Eric worked on me, I had two days of no buttock pain while going out for my daily walks and no buttock pain at night, which has been a great relief! I'm going back to see him for some more work this week on those areas as well as some other "trouble spots" in my upper back and left shoulder areas. Very highly recommended!