Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 19)
by Frances Malaney
on 8/2/2019
Nicola’s expertise is truly excellent.
Her skill and knowledge of the human body and how it works has cured my long-standing back problem.
My Pilates sessions are my ongoing back and whole body medicine.
by Josie Smith
on 7/22/2019
Treatment for shoulders and neck
I was getting pains in my neck and shoulder when carrying heavy rucksacks for any length of time. Nicola worked on my shoulders, neck and back as well as giving me exercises to do at home. On the ski tour I subsequently went on in Austria I had no problem at all. I was so pleased.
by Alison
on 7/7/2019
Sports massage
Amy provides a thorough assessment and really understood the issue and help alleviate the problem, thanks
by Ann Taylor
on 6/13/2019
Achilles tendinitis
Nicola was very thorough in her assessment procedure and her treatment program has been put in place.
by Paige Bestington
on 6/7/2019
I would highly recommend NJD Sports. They Spend time with you and are very professional. I have booked in again. :-)
by Martyn Dugdale
on 6/5/2019
Excellent, professional but friendly service. Would recommend
by Ian Hopcraft
on 5/15/2019
recent back stiffness
as always very thorough, very knowledgeable and sent me away in a better state with actions to improve and maintain better health
by Jacquie Petriaho
on 5/8/2019
Knee problems
Amazing treatment, advice and experience. I can’t thank Nicola enough for her advice and excellent treatment for relieving pain. I would highly recommend.
by Dave Murrell
on 5/4/2019
Injury Assessment and Bike Fit
Can't rate this service and the people their high enough, the process was very thorough, very well explained and very well executed. The difference with the exercises and the fit of the bike has been simply amazing. Also really lovely people with whom I have a great deal of respect. Thank you !
by Helen Culshaw
on 4/29/2019
Fun run
Very well organised, helpful people
by Joanne Cornish
on 4/25/2019
Painful wrist
Nicola is very knowledgeable and soon got to the bottom of my injury. She treated the injury on the day and gave me advice so assist with my recovery including exercises and self help. The day after I was around 50% better and it continues to improve each day. I would definitely recommend NJD
by Tony Lear
on 3/20/2019
Back pain
Several sessions of massage plus info on excercised had a positive effect
by Jen Wade
on 3/13/2019
Post natal pilates
Nicola is fantastic. She guides you through lots of different exercises which support your physical development following labour. She is supportive and challenges you. It’s great that you can take your little one with you and there is a little sesnory experience for your baby at the end of each session. Thanks Nicola.
by Lys Kellett
on 12/11/2018
by Michael Wilson
on 11/22/2018
Back physio
Highly recommend this service I've been several times over the years and never been disappointed with my treatment.
by James Tasker
on 11/21/2018
Top notch service and treatment.
by Jacquie Petriaho
on 11/9/2018
Knee pain
Excellent service and advice from initial phone call to the end of the initial consultation. Nicola made me believe that I could get movement back and reduce the horrendous pain in my left knee after surgery. I have been given exercises to do at home, which I can view on YouTube to ensure I remember exactly what to do. I have booked a follow up session in a weeks time. I feel confident that NJD can help me get back to the gym and eventually running.
by Gayle Edmondson
on 10/1/2018
Runners work shop
Nicolas workshop has really made me think about the way I run and correcting simple things with exercises and strengthening. Would recommend to any running level.
by Charles Hughes
on 9/15/2018
Recent booking experience
Nice and easy to find what I wanted, which is what it’s all about