Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 12)
by Christine Smith
on 7/21/2020
Easy to access, navigate and book
by Wendy McDonald
on 6/20/2020
One on One Lesson
Took my two dogs for a lesson. Left there having had a great informative session. Picked up lots of tips for improving my dogs and my handling. I will definitely be back!!
by AJ Van Bael
on 5/27/2020
One on One Lesson
Great training, lots of good advice. Really enjoyed it! Thank you.
by Rebekah Waldron
on 5/23/2020
First Lesson Awesome
Maria is an awesomw instructor and so glad my friends suggested Red Dog Agility 🙂 So knowledgedable and we are going to have lots of fun ahead 🤩
by Karinna Sanders
on 5/17/2020
Personal Training session
Thanks Maria for giving me some additional training tools and tips to help with Tilly's impulse control. Its always nice to know that you are on the right track with what you are doing. Hopefully to book in again soon.
by Sue Moon
on 1/7/2020
Red Dog Agility review
Not just agility!! We have recently been doing some really valuable conditioning classes at Red Dog Agility. This has been great preparation for returning to the agility season and provided great exercises to continue throughout the year to keep our dogs strong and healthy. It has been great to see all the dogs improving week to week with the conditioning exercises. Thanks Maria!
by Diane Febey
on 12/27/2019
Left with plenty to work on to improve focus with my dog.
by Nicola Dudley
on 12/16/2019
Focus workshop
It was good to consolidate learning from Sara Brueske Seminar.
by Samantha Duffy
on 11/18/2019
First lesson with Maria
Really enjoyed our first lesson with Red Dog Agility with both of our Working Cocking Spaniels, Harriet and Finn. Went home with lots of home work and looking forward to our next session.
by Rob Morgan
on 8/15/2019
Renforcing positive rewarding with treatss
Marie made a lot of sense to me.
by Tanya McAndrew
on 7/16/2019
A1 support
Training with Red Dog Agility is the highlight of my week. Training in a supportive environment with a caring and knowledgeable coach simply can't be beaten! Thank you Maria for all you do for us and share with us!
by Moyra De Jager
on 6/25/2019
Course analysis
Great feedback on handling skills( or lack thereof!)