Overall Rating:  
4 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 8)
by Mona Armstrong
on 4/23/2019
Meeting to go over the equipment and how to do the study
The gentleman that walked me thru the process was very customercentric and professional and check for understanding on my part. I was able to pretty much do all without even referring to the enclosed paperwork.
by letha ogles
on 4/12/2019
Customer service
Betty from the Dallas office is a sweetheart. Very nice young lady.
by Jay Patel
on 4/10/2019
Thank you
by Yiota Falasca
on 3/30/2019
Great experience
by Jane Tapia
on 3/8/2019
Home Sleep Test
Very pleasant experience. Emmanuel (Williams) was very professional, knowledgeable and made certain I was comfortable with the process.
by JoAnne Reed
on 2/26/2019
LookIng forward to better sleep.
Went in for my initial visit to get set up for my home sleep study. Emmanuel was awesome!! He took the time to make sure I understood everything...how it was connected and how I was to put it on correctly to make sure I got good results. When we connected it today when I took the equipment back he did a quick check and I had good results. Now just waiting for them to be read!!!
by Sally Sandell
on 1/4/2019
Metro med
It is hard for me to believe that no one has mentioned how FILTHY this business is. I walked in the door to a dirty and soiled carpet. It had not seen a vacuum cleaner in months. My husband used the bathroom and came out saying it was the dirtiest one he had ever seen. We mentioned this to the staff who did say they have had "cutbacks". The place needs a complete cleaning and facelift. I will never go there again.
The tech who helped us was filling in for the regular person. He had come from a different location and I must say he was efficient and pleasant.
I cannot recommend this business to anyone. There is no pride in ownership and looking at other reviews this affects their view of customer service.
by Annie Duenas
on 10/31/2018
Breath Easier
I recently went in to get set up with my machine. Aside from my hour drive to get to the office my experience was great. Well, great for an appointment that is giving me a machine to ensure I breath throughout the night and have a decent night's sleep. Justin was very informative and thorough. He made me feel confident that I can use and take care of the machine at home. Thanks Justin!