Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 54)
by Grace Garratt
on 10/16/2020
Forest raindrop massage
any treatment with Sandy is transformative. I've never been disappointed. Sandy somehow gets my body to relax more deeply than I'm able to with anything else. She's truly a gift to humanity
by AngelaS
on 10/6/2020
Beautiful Experience
I had my home cleared and blessed. It was a beautiful experience, I loved it. My space is clear now and set with intentions of love, light and abundance. Thank you so much.
by Sherry Trentini
on 9/25/2020
Chakra balance
I am so grateful to Sandy for sharing her insights, wisdom and compassion during my session. I felt listened to, heard and seen love her energy. I always come away with an uplifted spirit and renewed sense of being grounded. She is an amazing guide and teacher. I highly recommend any and all of her offerings.
by Susana Farinos
on 7/17/2020
Différent treatments
Sandy is a wonderful person very gentle and humble yet very knowledgeable.
I love all her treatments I have different treatments with Sandy and I totally recommend her
by Travis Davidson
on 5/18/2020
Reiki Session
It was a great experience, Sandy is very intuitive and very in touch with what her clients are in need of and very informative.
by Joanne Robertson
on 5/15/2020
Amazing experience!
Hi Sandy,

Thanks so much for the session, it was just what I needed and am feeling many positive shifts as a result. I will definitely be reaching out again when I need a tune up or more clearing of energy.

Have a wonderful day and thanks again!! 🙏

by Lisane Marins
on 4/13/2020
Sandy has a wonderful energy about her even through the phone. She was so patient with all of my questions and explaining things further so that I understood. I appreciated her passion when we started going through my astrological reading and her little tidbits of information along the way. I can’t wait to work with Sandy again in the future and to meet her one day when this pandemic storm has passed.
by Tamara Tabor
on 3/14/2020
Sandy is absolutely amazing and helpful. She’s knowledgeable and is an expert in her field.
by Jackie Lambert
on 2/6/2020
Sandy is amazing. She, and the ambiance in the room is so beautiful, nurturing and relaxing. A most enjoyable, wonderful massage. Her technique is amazing. I cannot wait for my next massage with her.
by Lorraine Champagne
on 1/20/2020
Nutrition consultation
Sandy is very good at listening and helping get to the crux of the issue as well as being open to respond to questions and concerns even after the consult.
by CC
on 12/21/2019
Amazing Healer
I've been for a few different treatments, and each time I am amazed by the healing and health benefits I receive. Sandra has a gift, and I am so grateful that she shares it thru her practice. I would highly highly recommend her.
by Loraine Campbell
on 12/4/2019
Raindrop Massage
by Mary Dumka
on 11/23/2019
Forest Raindrop with petrified stone massage
Relaxing, caring, gentle.
by Carol Calmes
on 10/31/2019
Raindrop Massage
Sandy is an amazing practitioner. I left feeling revitalized and relaxed. Raindrop massage was perfect and what I needed. Thank you!
by Kendra Watt
on 10/3/2019
Simply amazing! Sandy is an incredibly intuitive and genuine healer. I don’t always know what I need but Sandy provides the perfect treatment every time. She creates a special, comforting space where I can feel my mind, body and spirit transform in a sense of gratitude. She offers such a variety of treatment sessions and she’s always learning and perfecting new techniques to bring to her clients. I trust her to guide me on my healing and very highly recommend her services.
by Beverley Mardam Bey
on 7/19/2019
Excellent experience ❤️
Fabulous experience
Every attention paid to detail
Sandy is a experienced, kind and connective soul ...🙏
by Aysha McKinnon
on 6/20/2019
Intuitive reiki massage
Sandy is such a being of light and love. I do love going to her for any treatment!
by Angel Mitchell
on 5/19/2019
An amazing experience
Sandy gave me the best massage she is a very intuitive and knew exactly what I needed. I felt very revived, relaxed and happy with my experience and highly recommend her massages.
by Susana Farinos
on 4/25/2019
Solar Power Health
Sandy is wonderful and talented I felt much better right away
I totally recommend her
Thank you Sandy I feel blessed to have met you
by Manuela Fallon
on 3/29/2019
Sandy’s healing hands, the room, sounds, smells and the massage were amazing. Definetly want to have another massage soon ❤️
by Lora Weir
on 10/28/2018
Bamboo emergency
I had a very badly locked up hip and within 30 min of Sandy's painful, yet most effective bamboo massage treatment, serious relief was achieved!
Note: the pain experienced was because of the locked up hip NOT because of Sandy's expertise.
Once again her services have saved me much grief, and all the while addressed my preference for healthy alternatives to prescribed drugs.
by Melanie Cook
on 10/24/2018
Massage treatment - Tatsuya
Sandy is lovely - a warm vibrant, kind person and practitioner. The Tatsuya massage was sublime & I am still feeling the benefits 3 days later! I am guessing the healing effects will stay with me for a long time.
by Sherry Trentini
on 8/18/2018
Personal Ceremony Reiki Session
What a beautiful experience. Sandy is very intuitive and knowledgeable, I loved the whole experience!
by Jodi Quinteros
on 8/12/2018
Thank you for the wonderful Swedish Forest Massage, Your energy is infectious! I loved every second. I will be back for more. :)
Jodi Q
by Ruth Kolackovsky
on 7/27/2018
Raindrop Chakra Massage
I’d give TEN STARS if I could. Sandy has a magic touch. I felt so much happier, lighter, and more balanced after my massage. It was great and I will be back for more.
by Daphne Hollins
on 6/2/2018
Oracle card reading
Sandy is a intuitive and gifted healer and so much fun to spend time with! My reading was relevant to where I am and where I want to go. With Sandy’s loving guidance I now have the knowledge of where I need to focus my attention.
by Denise Kent
on 2/8/2018
Chakra balancing raindrop massage
It was a very ‘clearing experience’ is how I’d describe my session. I did have a headache after and through the night and neck and shoulder discomfort which I think was from being in the face down position still for so long as I’ve had this happen before in a general massage. It was wonderful to tuck my head under the covers that night and breathe in all the great oil scents ! Definitely will do it again.
by cara lian
on 1/23/2018
Loved it
by Erica
on 1/21/2018
Raindrop massage
Wonderfully relaxing experience . Sandy was very knowledgeable and made you feel at ease. Highly recommend.
by Thayre Fellows
on 1/13/2018
Bamboo and hot stone massage
I really enjoyed my treatment. Sandy is a wonderful practitioner and she provides a great service. I am looking forward to my next visit.
by Yulia Sauter
on 1/13/2018
Personal Ceremony
Sandy guided me through a personal sacred ceremony. It was a very empowering and transformative experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and brings a variety of different teachings into these sessions. We worked with cards, crystals, Reiki, herbs and visualization and created a magnificent experience. I can highly recommend a personal ceremony with Sandy for anyone on the spiritual path, or looking to create shifts and changes in their life.
by Carol Calmes
on 1/11/2018
Personal ceremony w/reiki & hot stone/bamboo massage
What a positive experience having a session with Sandy. I combined Personal Ceremony w/Reiki and Hot Stone & Bamboo Massage. The two sessions complimented each other so well that I wouldn't hesitate in putting the two together again! I came out feeling refreshed and revitalized physically and spiritually! Thank you Sandy 💕
by Line Noel
on 12/9/2017
Solar Power Health
Sandy at Solar Power Health is a very nice lady with a tons of knowledge! She gave me a Grounding Raindrop Massage adapted for me. It was awesome, I am recommending her to anyone and I will be back for more 🙂
by Rosanna Ricciardi
on 11/16/2017
I had broken sleep but only woke up once and it was restfuĺ and I have had some emotional cries today which felt so so good to get it  out of my system did not seem to have a reason to cry but felt right! Want to thank you again for such an amazing healing experience you truly gave me peace in my heart and balance in my soul. ❤❤❤

Rosanna Ricciardi 💋
by Donna Thomas-Taylor
on 10/31/2017
my massage with hot stone & bamboo rods
very very relaxing, loved the bamboo rods, so suttle and very effective. I was in bliss for the rest of the day and had an awesome sleep. I will be back
by Alison Howlin
on 9/30/2017
Chakra Balancing Raindrop Massage
Amazing massage in lovely environment! Sandy was nothing but professional and made me feel very comfortable the entire time. Truly lovely experience, I will be back!
by Lorraine Champagne
on 9/21/2017
Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop Therapy session with Sandy was amazing. Her touch is magical. Headaches I had been having for weeks are gone. Will definitely book again.
by Amy Flowers
on 8/23/2017
Raindrop with Bamboo massage
This experience is amazing! Sandy is very good at what she does!! I would highly recommend anyone go and see her!!
by Lori Deeton
on 8/9/2017
Rattan massage
One of the best massages I've had in a long time. Thank you Sandy.
by Gail Jacobs
on 4/26/2017
Raindrop Therapy Session
Sandy was amazing! Energy work and extra oils....used....gently caring treatment. Sandy finished treatment with an energy clearing sage mist. Sandy goes the extra mile to make sure your treatment is unique. Thank you.
by Susan Lewis
on 4/22/2017
Raindrop Massage and Hot Stone Massage
Wonderful experience! The essential oils were delightful and the aroma lingered for the whole evening and I got many compliments! I loved the combination of the raindrop and hot stones too - different from the usual, and a lovely pampering experience. Sandy, as always, is professional, talented and a huge delight to spend time with. I will make it a priority to go back for this treatment regularly.
by Roseline Weenk
on 4/1/2017
Rain drop chakra clearing
That was amazing - so peaceful gentle and loving. I was tired after the treatment but today I feel lighter more open and spacious!
by Dawna Williams
on 3/28/2017
Raindrop Hot Stone Massage
This was my first treatment with Sandy and I was very satisfied. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I will go back in the future.
by Lora Weir
on 3/20/2017
Still the BEST
Sandy has never disappointed me with any of her services, and every time I leave her business I am equipped with more information and education that enables me to extend the benefits of her treatment(s).
She has helped me with my ski fall injuries, thyroid sluggishness, weight issues, fitness skill honing, allergies, and a plethora of other minor concerns.
Do not hesitate to see her for whatever concern you may personally have.
I look forward to each and every appointment time I have with her!!
A very positive, happy person who goes out of her way to share her energy!!
by Corinne Sato
on 3/5/2017
Raindrop message
What a lovely treatment! I really enjoyed the raindrop message if all the different essential oils, the hot stones and a reiki treatment to centre and ground the energies while detoxing all the negative energies out of the body! Thank you and can't wait to do this again!
by April Baird
on 1/25/2017
Forest Raindrop Massage
It's absolutely amazing, uplifting and invigorating. I had the best sleep afterwards.
by Mary Hagell
on 1/12/2017
So talented!
Sandy, you are an amazing healer! I can't wait until my next visit xo
by Kaylee Schmitke
on 1/8/2017
Hot stone and raindrops
So friendly! I've only been there once and I was so blown away at what she can do and how relaxing it was! I have exams and this was a great way to take away some stress, again she does a great job! I'll be coming back for a second trip soon! Thank you again!
by Mari Visser
on 12/6/2016
RainDrop massage
It was a really great experience with oils. I have been feeling energised and happy and even my husband said I look good. I have had so much energy, I really don't know how to use it and especially having Crohn's this kind of massage is perfect. It boosts your immune level and again energy level. Thank you and I will definitely be seeing you again :)
by Loraine Campbell
on 12/1/2016
Chrakra Balancing Raindrop Therapy
The essential oils treatment and the chakra balancing therapy was very good and resulted in positive changes to my energy and attitude.

Thank you for a wonderful treatment and I look forward to the next one.
by Christina Friesen
on 11/25/2016
Grounding massage
What an amazing experience. I had the grounding massage which was a combination of modalities. I am so thankful that I've met Sandy and will be back for sure.
by Judy Fahlman
on 11/13/2016
It's very easy to do.
by Brandy White
on 11/10/2016
Raindrop Express
Another amazing treatment from Sandy! She is is very skilled at what she does and I always leave feeling refreshed and calm.
by K-dawg MizzleRoy
on 11/3/2016
Such an amazing, relaxing treatment!!!!! Everyone needs a sandy treatment in their lives!
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