Overall Rating:  
5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 61)
by Courtney
on 4/22/2024
Llama farm tour
Lots of fun!
by Kristin Mudge
on 4/16/2024
So much fun for everyone!
We booked the farm for a surprise party for a friend obsessed with llamas. She had a blast celebrating turning 30. From the youngest of the group (2 1/2) to the oldest (34), this was a super fun afternoon. Kids and adults alike loved meeting all the different animals, snuggling with baby goats, and walking the llamas. Plus, Natalie is a gem and helped us make this party a success! Thank you Natalie and friends!
by Kimberly Aurand
on 4/15/2024
Llama Review
Had a great time with the llamas for my husband's birthday! So fun to be up close and interact with them. Very interesting and informative too.
by Amy Steinman
on 4/1/2024
Sweet family owned llama Farm
We had a great time with my daughter and her friends for her 17th birthday. The family was really casual and accommodating, and we felt relaxed and just enjoyed all of the animals. The llamas were super sweet and they pick ones that don’t spit to go on your llama walk. 😂
by Norrie Whitaker
on 3/5/2024
We had an amazing time we got to see all the animals and we weren't being pressed for time I would definitely recommend
by Elizabeth Adamson
on 12/12/2023
Llamas on the Loose Farm
I took my friend here as her gift for Christmas because she loves llamas and I could not have asked for a better experience. Natalie and Brian were so friendly, and the experience with the llamas, as well as the other wonderful animals on the farm, was outstanding. The animals are very used to people and seemed excited to have us visit. We enjoyed helping to feed them, pet and love on them, going on a walk with llamas around the farm, and learning about them and the farm generally. I would absolutely recommend this place and I will definitely be back again. Thank you, Llamas on the Loose Farm!
by Melissa Smith
on 11/6/2023
Excellent Fay
Couldn't be happier with the experience. The llamas were happy and so were we.
by Clare munster
on 10/24/2023
Our visit
Great time with my 3 grandsons and their cousin(4 boys ages 9 thru6). Very friendly including all the animals. We all want to go back.
by Amy Crabtree
on 6/12/2023
Love the llamas!
I asked my family to take me to see llamas for Mother's Day and they did not disappoint. My husband did a lot of research and specifically chose "Llamas on the Loose". It was exactly what we were looking for and everyone had a wonderful time. It was relaxing, professional, educational, fun and even a little muddy! It is a bit out of the way, but absolutely worth the drive.
by Lexi
on 5/1/2023
Birthday Party
We had such a fantastic time. Natalie and Brian are the best. My kids had so much fun. We will be returning.
by Megan Lewandowski
on 3/7/2023
Birthday Party at Llamas on the Loose
This is my daughter’s second year celebrating her birthday at the farm. All her friends loved seeing the animals again. The baby goats are the cutest! Natalie is a great host. I highly recommend visiting.
by Robbie Kreller
on 2/28/2023
My son and I had so much fun! We have been telling all our friends that they need to visit.
We will definitely be going back.
by Renee Kaczorowski
on 1/30/2023
Our second visit
We’ve been twice and loved every minute of our visits! Natalie is great and we had so much interaction with the llamas!! Highly recommend!!
by Travis G
on 12/8/2022
Such a Rewarding Experience
This was such a fun experience! Natalie and her family did an amazing job with the tour despite the rain. They were also so nice and full of great energy. Walking trails with the llamas was such a rewarding experience. We met so many animals and got a lot of awesome pictures. I recommend this to any and everybody!
by Phyllis Ginn
on 10/26/2022
Magical day!
Natalie has created a magical place. I admire how she has made her dream come true and for the loving care she provides for all her animals. I had one of the best days ever and am really looking forward to coming back. I loved the time I spent with Natalie and all of her wonderful animals. I'm especially looking forward to seeing sweet Bubbles, my hiking buddy, and the one who stole my heart. Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your time and all your animals.
by Lydia Carrier
on 9/19/2022
Visited 9-18-22
This was our first time here. Natalie was very personable and engaging. Would definitely recommend a visit here.
by Shannon Lawson
on 8/15/2022
Llamas on the Loose
We had a great time on the farm!
by Fialdini Family
on 8/1/2022
Dream come true -llama heaven
Thank you so much for fulfilling my daughter's dream of getting to hang out and visit with your llamas. From the moment we arrived, the smiles and hospitality were overwhelming. Our private tour was very informative and exciting, the unexpected surprise was getting to hang out with the goats and see all the other farm animals. Such a great experience for the entire family. We also loved the family atmosphere, the best Mom and Son team ever.
by Kristina Ragsdale
on 6/27/2022
7th birthday llama love
My daughter had a great time for her 7th birthday. Her dream of spending a day with a llama came true. Thank you for helping us to make this a birthday she will never forget!
by Jamie Etzbach
on 6/20/2022
June Visit
We loved our visit with Llamas on the Loose! Natalie was so friendly, and the visit was quiet and relaxed. We enjoyed spending time with the animals. We definitely recommend scheduling a visit and supporting this family-owned farm.
by Shannon Breton
on 6/1/2022
Husband’s Birthday Treat
My husband has always loved llamas, but had never met one in person. I booked this tour as a surprise for his birthday. He cried tears of complete joy when he realized he could pet them, walk them and totally interact with them. The tour guide was wonderful, kind and had a calming spirit (and a genuine love of her animals). We LOVED this experience! Thank you!
by Karen Hopersberger
on 3/28/2022
Grandchildren outing
A lovely farm. Animals and play areas for our grandsons. The owners son joined in the fun, he is same age as one of our grandsons. I encourage young and old to visit. We will be going back for sure.
by Wren Battistini
on 3/15/2022
My trip was llamazing
I will definitely be booking another appointment. My party had so much fun and enjoyed the unique experience. Natalie was very nice and knowledgeable about the farm animals. I can’t wait to go back!
by Megan Lewandowski
on 3/8/2022
Highly Recommend
My daughter had her birthday party here and I can’t recommend this farm enough! Natalie was a great host and you can tell she takes great care of her animals. They are all so social and sweet. Everything was set up perfectly. We will definitely be back.
by Darrel Orpen
on 3/7/2022
Llamas on the Loose
We were greeted warmly by our tour guide Natalie and taken into the gated area where the animals called home. My husband has a walked and was able to manage walking around slowly on the uneven ground. Wear clothes and shoes that you can easily clean as there are lots of animal droppings everywhere and the llama's fur collects lots of leaves, etc. We truly enjoyed out time on the farm and getting to know all the animals, including mini-donkeys, goats and pot bellied pig as well as the affectionate cats. Worth the trip to get out and enjoy the animals.
by Andrew Allmon
on 2/22/2022
An awesome experience.
I want to start with how wonderful and accommodating Natalie is. The owner/guide of Llamas on the Loose Farm. She’s super helpful in setting up your visit as well as eager to jump in and make recommendations while you’re there for the best ways to enjoy your time with the animals. Her knowledge and positivity was a continued highlight of our time there. Secondly, this farm is beautiful. The animals are friendly and clearly well loved. We spent 2 hours here for my wife’s birthday, (she’s a llama fanatic) and the whole time was full of beautiful scenic views, fun with animals and a great guide. Could not recommend this place more if you’re looking for a fun afternoon with the Llamas (and chickens, and goats, and pig, and dogs, and the worlds most spoiled farm cat.). Thanks to Natalie, again for being a rockstar and an awesome Llama Mama!
by Aleksandr Fedovskiy
on 1/2/2022
Adorable llamas, I enjoyed taking them on a walk. Also there were two mini donkeys, super friendly
by Marianna and Jonathan Malek
on 12/13/2021
Lovin LLamas
My husband and I loved our visit! The llamas and all the farm animals were extremely friendly and great fun to walk around the farm with. Natalie is an amazing and welcoming host. Would recommend a trip to the farm for animal lovers of all ages.
by Adrienne Duchnowski
on 12/4/2021
the cutest llama farm
i took my 2.5 year old with me to visit the llama farm. she had a blast. the animals are all so friendly, and it beats all the other llama places since there are also goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and the cutest kitties, and an alpaca! we are definitely coming back to do a birthday event here. =)
by Scott Durbin
on 11/8/2021
So much fun!
My wife and I had so much fun at Llamas on the Loose Farm last weekend! It was such a unique experience and we enjoyed every minute of it. How many people can say they've hiked with llamas!? Such a unique, fun experience for all llama lovers out there! Highly recommend!
by Michelle Mills
on 10/2/2021
4 women on the loose :)
Natalie was a wonderful host! Interacting with the llamas, goats, miniature donkeys, miniature horse, chickens, pot belly pig, angora rabbit & many more animals was so much fun. Fascinating how they all live in harmony! We brought a picnic lunch and had a wonderful day out of the city.
by Sherry Shepherd
on 9/11/2021
Great Time
It was a joy to even see actual llamas in person, let alone get to walk the trail with them! All the animals were delightful. Thank you Natalie and Ezra for an awesome experience!
by Radhika Sampat
on 9/6/2021
Fun and unique experience!
What a fun experience! The kids loved it! Natalie and her cute little son took time to make our stay fun and memorable. Her llamas are so sweet. A unique experience so close to Atlanta. Highly recommend.
by joe peacock
on 9/1/2021
Loved it!!!
The kids had fun, but the adults had a blast! Walking llamas around the farm and visiting all the other animals was a real treat, and we felt very welcomed and accommodated the entire visit!
by Delicia
on 8/5/2021
We love Llamas on the Loose
My daughter and I loved everything about this farm. We really enjoyed our intimate experience with the Llamas. They were very friendly and cute. We even enjoyed the goats, donkeys and pony! Natalie was an amazing host and we will return again!
by Amanda Snider
on 7/26/2021
We had the best time!
This was the most fun my family has had since moving to GA! Natalie was so nice and patient when our son wasn’t so sure about all the animals! He loved them all and had the best time! We can’t wait to visit again!
by Karla Beck
on 7/19/2021
An amazing fun experience
We had an awesome time interacting with the different animals and going on a hike. The owner is super sweet and accommodating. If you were looking for a great family activity, don’t miss this one.
by Chloe Washington
on 7/13/2021
Llama walk
The llama walk was amazing, Natalie was a great tour guide and it was an awesome experience.
by Jennifer Page
on 7/9/2021
My 8-year old granddaughter and I LOVED our visit this week with Miss Natalie at her farm. As true animal lovers, we adored taking Lexi and Bubbles for a walk, having the sweet donkeys gently ask us for pets, hold a rabbit and a chicken, learn about llamas, Prince Charming and Wilburham, and of course, lots of loving on the kitty. Natalie is totally approachable, too...just like her beloved animals. Thank you for a perfect afternoon for a pair of animal lovers, Natalie. We'll definitely be back!
by Renee Rawlins
on 7/7/2021
Visit 7.6.2021
It was great fun!! Liked the private tour. It allows you to interact with the animals. A good variety of animals. They adjust to different levels of physical abilities. When I got tired they had a place to sit where I could still watch my granddaughter have fun. Well worth the price. We will be coming back.
by Kristen Finley
on 6/29/2021
Another fun visit
We love this place! 2nd time going and another excellent time for all ages - adults, teens and young ones. Natalie is informative, personal and truly loves the animals and what she does. Hopefully we can make this an annual tradition and come back in 2022 too!
by Joi Barkley
on 6/8/2021
Walking the llamas was sooo much fun!! We took my son for his birthday and the staff treated him extra special!! The staff is super hospitable and knowledgeable!!! Highly HIGHLY recommend! We drove from Snellville which was a good distance but TOTALLY worth it!!!!!!
by Mariela Moneva
on 4/30/2021
Great experience
It was great. I would totally bring my kids again. The staff was really friendly and we loved the fact of how well they take care of the animals.
by Lori
on 4/20/2021
Llamas on the Loose Farm visit
What a wonderful place! Walking the llamas was such a fun easy experience. Natalie, the owner, loves her animals and you can tell they love her! This would be an amazing place for a child's birthday party or a special day for anyone of any age. Thank you Natalie for letting us visit your farm and animals!
by Rachael
on 4/20/2021
Great time on the farm
Our group had a blast! It was such a fun, hands on experience. Definitely recommend
by Michelle Brooks
on 4/10/2021
Family Tour for 4
We had a wonderful time. Fun for all ages. Taking the llamas for a walk and visiting with the other animals was a lot of fun. The staff was great! We highly recommend visiting and enjoying the llamas!
by Vera Gorbunova
on 4/5/2021
Llamazing experience!
We had so much fun meeting all the animals and taking the llamas on a walk! This tour exceeded my expectations.
by Morgan Granger
on 3/22/2021
Llamas on the Loose
I booked a farm tour for a friend's surprise birthday. We could not have had a better time! It was AMAZING. The animals are so friendly and you can tell they are so loved! Natalie was amazing! Thank you for a great experience! We cannot wait to visit again!
by Kristin Moody
on 3/16/2021
Llama visit
This was a fantastic, safe visit for a family of 4 during the pandemic. We enjoyed meeting all the animals and the slow pace of really being able to just enjoy the farm without too much structure or too many bells and whistles. The animals were all personality, and my 10- and 12-year-olds (and my partner and I) all really had an incredible afternoon learning about the animals, getting to engage with each of them, and just really relaxing to take it all in. The farm hosts are friendly and laid back. Highly recommend.
by Jennifer Thomas
on 1/20/2021
Birthday Party Fun
The Llamas on the Loose Farm was such a fun experience! We brought 8 girls and they loved every minute. Natalie was so assume to show them all about llamas and let them walk around with the llamas. The baby goats were a smash hit, the girls didn't want to leave. If your kids love llamas, goats, baby goats, cats, etc. this is the place to bring them. And Natalie was such a great host!
by Emily B
on 1/4/2021
Fun with baby goats
30 minutes from Atlanta and we had a great morning in the farm. The animals were gentle, the owner was kind, and we lucked out by visiting when she had baby goats.

Great day. Thank you!
by Chris Zahner
on 11/29/2020
Wonderful place for kids and grownups!
We were a party of 8, 4 adults and 4 kids ages: 5, 7, 9, and 14. All of us had a great time! I really didn’t know what to expect but was really happy we went. Thank you so much for wonderful memories!
by Stephanie
on 11/28/2020
Fun Excursion
This was a great experience for my family. We loved being able to interact with so many animals and walk the llamas. Natalie was wonderful and answered all.our questions!
by Camille
on 11/28/2020
Llama tour
Was expecting a petting zoo type experience but it definitely was not-it was wayyyyyy better. I got to walk a llama around the property while also having the opportunity to feed and touch the other farm animals. I would highly recommend for any llamas lovers (like myself) or if you just want to enjoy nature, farm animals, and try something new. In addition, Natalie and her crew were very nice and accommodating which only made the experience better.
by Marilee Bearden
on 10/27/2020
Great Time !
This was a wonderful adventure for our family, ages 2-62 !! There were eight of us and it is nice that Natalie only hosts one group at a time. Natalie & Ezra shared with us so much about the farm life. they were so kind. The llamas were fabulous !!! We each walked our own and they were all so gentle & sweet. The goats ,donkeys , cats etc. made it fun too. So much to observe. It isn't often that you have the opportunity to do something so out of the ordinary. We all loved it.
by Angela Haeufle
on 10/23/2020
Great experience
Natalie is an amazing host & truly loves her animals. Walking the Llamas through the farm trails was a great experience. Would absolutely recommend scheduling your own tour, you will not be disappointed!
by Dot Sayer
on 10/17/2020
Our visit
My daughter and two granddaughters decided to do this as one of our Fall Break experiences. We had a fantastic experience! We enjoyed the llamas, donkeys, goats and chickens. We each had our own llama to walk on a trail and it was very entertaining. Highly recommend this 1hour and 15 minute visit. Not only do you get to interact with the animals you have an opportunity to take a walk through the farm. You must have a reservation! Yourgroup will be the only ones there!
by Kamla Alexander
on 10/6/2020
Excellent tour!
We had such a wonderful time with Natalie and the llamas! She loves those animals as if they are her kiddos. What a beautiful respite from the busy city!
by stacey schuessler
on 9/15/2020
Farm visit and llama walk
We throughly enjoyed our visit. We were able to interact with all the animals and take a nice walk with the llamas. Great place for a fun and relaxing day!! Great host
by Becky Williams
on 5/29/2020
Wonderful Experience!
What a great getaway to visit this Llama farm! We loved meeting all the wonderful animals on the farm. Walking the llama's around the farm was amazing and so much fun for our family. Thank you for a great afternoon!
by Kristen Finley
on 5/14/2020
Well worth the drive!
This was one of the most fun things I’ve done with my children in a long time. Natalie was attentive and informative. I felt totally safe despite the current pandemic. We made memories that will last a lifetime and I am recommending this place to everyone I know.
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