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5 (Total Verified Client Reviews: 23)
by Tara Eggenspiller
on 2/19/2018
Dr. Bailey is awesome
I started seeing Dr. Bailey for help with an old knee injury. I was looking for someone who could not only recommend strengthening exercises but also provide massage therapy specific to the injury. Dr Bailey was able to do both and I feel that I have made significant improvements in my short time seeing him (about a month and a half). I highly recommend him for anyone in that place between needing a physical therapist and personal trainer. It seems like physical therapists werent addressing the whole issue I was having, yet personal trainers weren’t taking into account the old injury when prescribing exercises. Not only was Dr. Bailey able to thoroughly and accurately assess my issues and prescribe corrective exercises, he was also able to do therapeutic massage which was also one of my huge issues. I did not expect to find someone who could do both! I usually wake up with intense back pain every morning and after seeing him yesterday it has faded by at least 70% for example. Highly recommend!
by Topher Garner
on 1/11/2018
Great Practitioner
Alex has helped me immensely with my frozen shoulder and lower scoliosis. He is very knowledgeable and sends me exercises, stretches, and checks in with me on a regular basis. I see him twice monthly now for maintaining and pain management. Go see him!
by Lisa Pertmen
on 9/4/2017
Excellent practitioner
This is my 4th appointment with Alex- I came to him with horrible neck pain leading to daily headaches. Over the past month my headaches have diminished to nothing. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He checks in via email and also has given me stretches and exercises to do. I signed up for his membership to come in monthly. Highly recommend.
by Denis Monroe
on 8/28/2017
Alex was very professional, and extremely knowledgeable.
by Anna
on 8/7/2017
Great experience!
Alex is fantastic, knowledgeable, and impressive in many ways! Massages are to the point, and address problem areas. I also love the privacy of the office - no distractions from other people anywhere in the process. My back is tight due to the nature of my work - lots of time spent behind a computer, and Alex knows just what to do to release the tension.
by Chris Welbem
on 8/3/2017
Back health
Alex has helped me do a complete turn around with my back. After spending years sitting at a desk 12 hours a day it got to be very bad. After 3 sessions I have felt miles improvement and continue to with the exercises he's given me. I'm a client for life :)
by Peter Perez
on 8/3/2017
Love the results so far
I have been using Dr. Bailey for nutrition coaching the past 3 months and I have already lost 26 lbs (and counting). He's a great motivator, with a wealth of knowledge and patience. I am learning more about my body and nutrition as a whole with his guidance. I am now more conscious about what I put in my mouth. I have more energy and less aches too! Highly recommend
by Kate Maulon
on 7/10/2017
Done with the fad dieting!
I've been working with Alex for almost 8 months and as a result have lost over 40 lbs! His approach is different: instead of giving me a restrictive eating plan that rules my life he has helped me find the perfect balance of calories and macronutrients for me specifically. He is extremely knowledgeable in understanding how the body processes food and has helped me understand my own body. I don't feel deprived ever, or like I'm dieting; this is a lifestyle. Thank you !
by Peggy Lester
on 7/7/2017
Excellent work that promotes health
I have experienced massage for many years. Alex is one of the best. He takes time to know your problem areas and will suggest exercise & stretches to help. Excellent deep tissue body work. He shares his knowledge & welcomes yours. A really kind person.
by Thad Szymanski
on 6/23/2017
I could not function without Alex's expertise. His knowledge and skills are profound. He is the best!!!!
by Timothy Birken
on 6/16/2017
Great care as usual !
Been seeing Alex for years.. don't trust anyone else but him for my Marathon training! He's kept me injury free for almost a decade. Highly recommend
by Julie Bennett
on 5/25/2017
Alex is great!
Alex knows exactly where to target your problem areas. His pressure is firm but controlled. He Knows how to release trigger points with minimal pain, but many benefits. I am also a LMT and need his type of work done on me to maintain my muscle strength and health.
by Matt Taylor
on 5/3/2017
Dramatic improvements in function and performance
Alex is truly skilled in diagnosing and treating soft tissue issues. As a long-time athlete and and someone who is diligent in the maintenance of my body, Alex's treatments and diagnosis are now an essential part of my health routine. Its not fun, its not easy, but its definitely worth it. Alex will help you treat what is wrong with your body.
by Jane Niesen
on 5/1/2017
I'd follow him anywhere
My husband & I have been clients of Alex for years. We are both in our late 60's, though fit, we need special handling. Alex is so knowledgeable about the body in all its stages. He is extremely professional. His studio is all business, no product pushing, unwelcome fragrance or other useless overhead. You get what you pay for.
by Thomas Bilkson
on 4/24/2017
Best clinician in the city
I have been seeing Alex for about 14 months now. I was first referred to him by my chiropractor to help improve my running. During our initial appointment Alex did an assessment to test my muscles, I liked that he explained his findings as he went to help me better understand what was going on. He was also the only one (after seeing many different practitioners) to mention my breathing patterns was off.. Working with him has improved my runs and I am now pain free and faster! Highly recommend!
by Eva G
on 4/15/2017
My goto person for sports injuries!
Alex is a great practitioner. I have been seeing him for almost 6 years now and he has helped me with various injuries including several muscle trains and tendinitis, I now see him monthly for "upkeep". I really appreciate that he takes the time with our appointments and explains any of my questions in simple terms so I can understand what's going on with my body.
by Rebecca L
on 4/15/2017
Still the best in the city !
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Alex! He is knowledgeable in soft tissue, rehab, and injuries. I also get dietary help to reduce inflammation in my body to speed up healing. Thanks again !
by Roman K
on 4/12/2017
I've had problems with my back ever since my teen years, and I've seen many different massage therapists that promised to fix my back to no avail. With Alex after one session I immediately felt much better. As if I was 10 years younger (I am not exaggerating here)! He doesn't waste any time with electrodes, and actually does deep tissue work directly on the areas you request to be worked on. Alex is very professional and always a pleasure to do business with 10/10.
by Sarah W
on 4/6/2017
Five years of great care
Alex's massage skills helped relieve my lingering back and shoulder pain, and his subscription service has kept me pain free. After two years of massage I added personal training, and continue to be impressed with Alex's professional, customized approach and always-positive coaching.
by Martin Talbert
on 4/6/2017
Fixed my hip pain!
I found Alex from a recommendation through a friend. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure I understand everything. I came in for relentless hip pain due to sitting 12+ hours a day for work, commute, etc. After 4 sessions with him I am pain free! He provides a mix of hands on work, stretching, and gave me a bunch of exercises I can do at home in between appointments. I am now planning on seeing him monthly for maintenance.
by Thad S
on 11/17/2016
Always the best
I have been treated by Alex for several years and would not consider going anywhere else. He is the BEST!
by P.R.
on 9/13/2015
Each session I notice more improvement. The exercises are helpful, and I am feeling more balanced and flexible. The buffer helps with relaxation and warming the tissue. Thank you!
by P.R.
on 2/27/2015
Getting better after each session. Working with the exercises and getting the soft tissue work is very helpful. They are both important.