Welcome to the booking page of the Stiletto Gym.  We are the home of Polga (pole yoga) and Kansas City's party destination.  Come enjoy a class, workshop, or party, you won't be disappointed!


Stiletto Gym Covid 19 Policies & Procedures for reopening phase 1


Class participants must:

·       Class size is limited to 10

·       Register for class and pay before class.  No Drop-ins Allowed (Registration must complete 12 hours before class)

·       No refunds!

·       No early arrivals, no more than 10 min before class

·       Recommended to bring in own yoga mat

·       Please make sure you are feeling well and please do not come to class if you are sick

·       Make sure you wash your hands and clean your pole before and after class

·       Clean towels will be provided at each class, if you wish you can bring in your own towel

·       Please adhere to social distancing

·       Because we are unable to spot at this time aerial tricks for new students will not be allowed. 

·       Please bring water!  water will also be available for purchase.

·       No more than 3 people in one area of the studio at a time.  If you need to chat you can “social distance” outside.