Welcome to AOG!   

My name is Mackenzie Siddall and I want to welcome you to AOG (Attitude of Gratitude) located in Windsor, Ontario. AOG represents the mindset that I live by: it means being grateful for every single day, practicing mindfulness & living in the moment, it means embracing who you are and making the most of this beautiful life that has been given to us. Fitness specifically has played one of the biggest roles in my life, allowing me to become the best version of myself. I want to share that with all of you through AOG’s variety of classes. The workouts are going to be diverse, challenging and inclusive of all fitness levels. They will surely get you out of your comfort zone & push you to your limits!

HOW TO START: Just show up! 

WHAT TO BRING:  Water, running shoes, workout clothing, positive attitude

Leave your wallet at home, first class is on me!



HILL WORKOUT: Suicide Hill & Malden Park (Summer)

This workout is designed to get you stronger and faster by drastically increasing the force requirements of your workout by utilizing the hill. Using the hill will allow you to generate maximum force challenging your muscle fibres and increasing overall power.



Experience rapid conditioning and physical transformation. You will notice your lower body strength, power, and flexibility sky rocket. Ideal for those looking to tone up their lower body and athletes seeking peak fitness. 



This class will allow you to amp up your cardio and strength training routine. The workout will get your heart rate high and your muscles strong. You will be challenged with high intensity cardio intervals, functional training moves, strength training exercises, and more. 


STRENGTH TRAINING: JS Fitness (1821 Provincial Rd, Windsor, ON)

This class will focus on building muscular arms, back, shoulders, core, and legs. Get ready to feel stronger than ever!



This class is designed for moms and dads with babies & toddlers! Come get challenged with varying workouts designed for ALL levels! The class will focus on building muscular arms, back, shoulders, core, and legs. Get ready to feel stronger than ever!

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