Medium-sized group training classes designed for everyone at an affordable cost!

The workouts are going to be diverse, challenging and inclusive of all fitness levels. A tiered workout system that delivers 30 minutes of variety, systematically phased accordingly to gear all fitness levels!  The workouts will surely get you out of your comfort zone & push you to your limits! 



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We live in a busy world. Some days, we feel like we don’t have enough time to get a workout in. That is no longer an excuse- #30andout is our motto! All you need is 30 minutes out of your day to do something good for your mind and your body. Whether you choose to start your day with us or end it with us, we’ve got you covered! Classes are offered in the morning and at night 6 days a week. 


JS Express offers 6 different types of classes:



This class will focus on your lower body and improve strength on those legs! A workout that will have your legs working with the main focus set on strength. Each movement is tailored to shape, tone and lift that lower half! 



This class will challenge your upper body with various movements isolating muscles of the back, arms, shoulders and chest. A great way to sculpt that total upper body with controlled form.  This class is not meant to be in the “cardio zone”, but will still allow you to sweat while focusing on strength!



This class is a tough combo of core exercises paired with cardio in between. Get your abs burning and your heart rates up! Core movements to tighten that midsection, with the emphasis on driving the heart rate up to burn calories.


HYBRID (lower body/conditioning)

This class is designed to get your heart rates up while burning those legs! If you're also looking for a maximum calorie burn, look no further.  A perfect match to elevate that heart rate and burn like no other!  


HYBRID (upper body/core)

This class will combine some upper body movements with core exercises to have you feeling a good burn! Isolating plank movements that will raise your heart rate and firm that core! Upper body exercises to feel that pump.  If you're looking for a tight upper body and core, this 30 minute class will deliver with no disappointment. 



This is a total conditioning workout. Continuous circuit for the full 30 minutes! If you're looking for full out HIIT conditioning with a variety of full body movements, then hands down you will have a love/hate relationship with this class!


*For 3 months, these workouts will remain consistent to allow individuals to make progressions. Following the 3-month time, the entire program will be adapted to provide clients with new movements. 

After each month, the order of the workouts will be shuffled, allowing people to have the opportunity to experience each type of class.


HOW TO START: Sign up online using this link- https://booksteam.com/Customer/BookNowLoginRegister.aspx?k=df4bdd35779#



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Phone: 519.996.9617