Welcome to the booking page of Joseph Devlin 

Joseph is an experienced physical therapist working full time in and around Dublin. He works with clients from a variety of sporting backgrounds and active lifestyles, on their route to recovery after an injury.

A keen rugby player in his 20’s, Joseph experienced many of the common injuries associated with this sport, from damaged and overworked muscles to broken bones. After a serious fracture which led to an operation, a bout of rehab and a tedious spell in a cast, he became fascinated with the body’s healing process and decided to dedicate his life’s work to helping others heal in a way which meant they were less likely to get injured again.

In 2006 he graduated from the National Training Centre of Ireland with a qualification in massage, remedial & neuromuscular therapy, following which he gained a Higher Diploma in Health Profession Studies from Aberdeen University. His other qualifications include sports first aid, dry needling, cupping and advanced soft tissue and injury management.
Whilst at University, he founded the Aberdeen Sports Massage Clinic, and over his seven years in Scotland, he built up a solid reputation for his service to the sporting community, including being contracted to the Aberdeen Football Club and the University Sports Scholarship Athletes. He was also part of the Scottish Institute of Sports Massage Providers Network, where he was invited to work with team Scotland at their home games in 2014. He worked with the Scottish & Irish International Men’s Rugby Squads and was a part of the London 2012 Olympic support team.
He is now back in Dublin, continuing to grow his reputation as a physical therapist as well as running active recovery sessions at Yoga Dublin.