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Pakenham, Victoria, Pakenham Bowling Club, Corner Henry & Anderson Street, Pakenham, Victoria, 3810
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HLTAID003 Refresher **Current PFA cert Required**
6 hours 30 mins
7 hours
Total Verified Client Reviews: 39
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(Campbell Rule)
First AidMy trainer was very knowledgeable and experienced. She made it a fun and interactive day.
The online pre-reading was comprehensive and essentially a less in-depth version of the First Aid book you receive at the training (this is a good thing).
(Joanna Caley)
Provide First AidVery clear and practical explanations, with realistic expectations of what skill level was being achieved.
(Gerry Silk)
HTLAID006This is the third review completed for this course, one written one on the day, a survey monkey and now this one.
I was unhappy with the course which I understood to be at an advanced level and participants should have completed basic courses. Previously I have completed the program and all participants were trainers so there was good discussion within the group. As there were a couple of beginners the trainer had to reiterate the basics. I do not expect to have to demonstrate how to put on a basic bandage or sling in an advanced course.
The trainer was inexperienced- no space for more comment
FIRST AIDLinsday was a great trainer, the course wasn't boring and I feel very confident I could help someone if the need arose.
(Cassandra Smith)
First aid trainingThe trainer was excellent. She was extremely helpful and professional
(Laura Mitchell)
FirstaidHoo3 sat 16th septVery imfornative course.
First aidvery clunky, slow system
(Justin Hansen)
Provide First Aid CourseGreat communication and follow up. Knowledgeable Trainer. Good mix of theory and practical. Highly recommend
(Maria Brinas)
CprThe training was concise and straight to the point. The trainer was very knowledgeable and efficient with the demonstrations.
CPRHighly professional trainer and Great environment.
Ample parking and Quiet place.
(David Jewell)
HLTAID003The instructional day was terrific and being able to discuss issues and queries adds in the learning process.
Unfortunately the overall course is SEVERELY let down by the quality of the online instruction. The content is OK and factual, although the inconsistent use of Compressions and Circulation as the meaning of "C" in DRSABCD is confusing. BUT the method of presentation is BORING and way out of date. Reading text slides is annoying as I can read faster than the voice over but have to wait for the boring voice to finish in order to move on. The medium offers much more with images and videos
(Simon Mottek)
CPR , annual update.Instructor Lindsay, was very informative, well organised and made the course interesting and enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend Australian First Aid to anyone contemplating doing a CPR update or First Aid course.
(dianne harrod)
First AidExcellent course and training
(Nahla Abaker)
First aidThanks the course covered well
(diana marie aquino)
provide first aidall good
(Kim Stevens)
First AidLearn a lot.
Our trainer Andrew was excellent.
Highly recommend whole course.
Online and practical component
(Heidi Gerlach)
Experience with Australia first aidThe review of cpr theory was thorough and the practical was well demonstrated
(Matthew Settle)
HLTAID004well conducted , though a bit long when you add in online part as well as face to face .
(elizabeth walker)
CPRVery impressed with the delivery of the course. It was clear, succinct and allowed for interaction and question time. I will be switching to this organization for my future training.
(Gemma Pullar)
First AidThe course was well designed and delivered.
(Linda Andrews)
First aidInstructor mike was fantastic the course was very well presented, a great day
(Kieren Davern)
First AidFirst Aid class was very good and informative. Couldn't be happier :)
(Mirjana Stankovic)
HLTAID001The class was really great, and informative. The educator was very knowledgable, and his knowledge was greatly appreciated.
(Karyn Butler)
First Aidfound the instructor excellent and very interesting.
(Jonas Trinidad)
HLTAID003 First AidThe training was done very efficiently and very practical on my level of first aid theory. I learned a lot with the Australian ruling and environment and it is a good refresher for me since I am a first aider on my previous company.
(Margaret Gracie)
CPR CourseCPR on 9/4/16 was very informative. Andrew, the Teacher was very engaging and explained the course well.
(Elizabeth Haas)
CPR updatea very good course. well done
(Donna Baxter)
First Aid.Excellent. Good venue. Great teacher Michael.
Apply CPRMichael was a wonderful trainer. He is knowledgable, friendly and encouraging. The session ran smoothly and efficiently.
(Daryl Macdonald)
HLTAID003Well planned, the online component saves time and you have some understanding of the subject prior to class time.
(Sin Kee Ong)
Provide First AidI found the online course very informative and the practical and assessment class very useful.
(James Carvignese)
Fire Extinguisher TrainingI visted the Rowville Branch on the 14th August for the Fire Extinguisher training. The trainer Lindsay who was new did a fantastic job and i learnt heaps.
(Kerrie Ellison)
ComprehensiveLots of first aid info packed into a short time a delivered in a relaxed friendly environment.
(Loretta Yau)
Provide First AidOnline training is good and enable to study in my own pace. Explanation in each study module is clear.
(Michelle Vincent)
First aidThank you for a great informative day
(Jodie Pearce)
very well presented coursethe teacher was great, very informative and the class was laid back, so it didn't feel like we were under pressure, which makes for a much more productive learning environment would highly recommend this company
(David Wallace)
Provide CPRPoor at best. Lacked course structure, lacked quality of instruction. Lacked pass/fail testing constraints. Things have changed...
(Antony Zuccon)
cprRto had a sound knowledge in current and previous practices which included civil and personal preferences. He used the groups knowledge to a certain extent and welcomed group participation in discussions and group work.
(Yannick Boribon-So... )
First AidThe online component was very user friendly and easy to use. The information was relevant and interesting.
On the day of the course , our presenter was really approachable and knowledgeable as she is a paramedic. She was able to share real life cases with us which was a great way to learn.